What makes St. Michael Unique Than Any Other Other Essential Oil Companies? It is SIMPLE.

The essential oil business is saturated both in the U.S. and the Philippine markets. Entry points are accessible and fairly affordable to get into the market. There are so many people selling essential oils and the competition is tight for another entry. So what makes St. Michael & Company Essential Oils different? It is SIMPLE – our brand voice is SIMPLE :

  1. Story has an authentic voice and persona.
  2. Influencer in promoting healther alternatives to healing.
  3. Marketing segmentation and development efforts are focused into three segments and two geographic locations.
  4. Purposeful and passionate in all that we do in delivering high quality products.
  5. Lessons and Continious Learning – Learning different modalities and therapies. Be an expert in knowing how essential oils affect the human body and physiology.
  6. Elevate public awareness of the healing properties of essential oil. Advocate for healthy living and wellness.

St. Michael & Company is approaching its one year anniversary on Dec 25th. Yes, we are at our infancy stage. Its inception began a year ago at our family reunion where we had our strategic goal setting. We went home to the Philippines for the christmas holiday and celebrated our family reunion.

On christmas day the entire family took a drive to our farm, the official venue for team building excercises and goal setting session. During the session, there came the announcement of the birth of St. Michael & Company and goals in creating essential oil product lines for wellness and cancer care.

With my husband’s passing only been a year, starting a company was the last thing on my mind becuase it will require much needed energy, stamina, talent, resources and most importantly determination to sustain it for a very long long time. The enormous opportunies outweigh the challenges so we proceeded and began its operation on Jan 3 as soon as we came back from the Philippines.

Resigned in June 2018 from my regular job as a Director of Public Relations and Marketing, the operations were underway with a renewed focused and determination. Year 2019’s lessons are closure and completion.

The question now lies -so what really makes St. Michael & Company different from all other essential oil companies? It’s SIMPLE


“Every great love starts with a great story…” -Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Our story started with a love story. A passionate love for cancer care. Essential oils and aromatheraphy provided healthier alternatives in dealing the side effects of chemotherapy while maintaining the quality of life during my husband’s pancreatic cancer palliative care. Essential oils tremendously helped him ease the emotional anxieties, digestive discomforts, body aches, manage nausea and most importantly dealing with excruciating pain from his cancer and the many side effects of chemo. St. Michael brand is a family affair and we share an authentic voice in telling our story to our customers because we lived the experience.

Influencer for healthier alternatives to healing.

Our mission is to promote healthier healing alternatives – one person at a time. We aim to play an important role as an influencer promoting a more hollistic approach to healing cancer and other disease.

Market Segment & Development

We are investing time and energy to be able to sift through the competition. Our niche product lines afford us a unique position in creating new market segments. This is an exciting time for our company to reach our prospective customers that need most our products. Our priority is to ensure high quality products while keeping our price points reasonable and not astronomical. Our essential oil suppliers are the same suppliers our competitors use. I have also travelled extensively last year from India to Morocco to Europe to learn as much as I can about essential oils.

Our leverage allows us to provide high quality products Our goal is to make these oils accessible to people of all walks of life. We are keeping our production and marketing costs conservatively so that our customers don’t have to pay for those flashy marketing costs. Keeping it simple.

Purposeful and Passion

Our mission is our passion and our passion is our purpose. Staying true to our mission, be authentic, intentional and purposepful in all that we do. Paying attention to the simplest details and ensure customer satisfaction by delivering quality and safe products. Promote safety guidelines in use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes.

Lessons and Continous Learning

With more than 10 years experience of blending essential oils, these experiences enable us to apply the things we have learned over the years. Constant feedback mechanisms are in place for that dialogue to listen to our customers and end users. Our efforts of continious exploration of the different modalities and therapies create opportunities to be in touch with real people needing real healthy alternatives to healing. We learn from the experts/ health care professionals.

Elevate Awareness

St. Michael & Company will work towards elevating product and brand awareness among its prospective customes and target segments. The task at hand is to communicate the many healing properties of essential oils and how they can benefit our prospective customers. Informing the public about the safe and proper dillution can increase the thereapeutic effectiveness of essential oils.

We thank our customers and supporters. We appreciate your interest at St. Michael & Company. Looking for a more prosperous 2020.

Thank you.

God Bless.

Cecilia Ramirez, MBA


St. Michael & Company