The Emotional Healing of Cancer By Using Essential Oils

Since St. Michael & Company’s inception, I have been working with patients suffering from all kinds of cancer (breast cancer, uterine cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, stomach cancer etc.) I am humbled to share my experiences on how I dealt with my husband’s ordeal of cancer.

In my previous blog post, I mentioned a very important detail that holds truth to healing, This is dealing with emotions and its effect on sickness and healing. The use of essential oils and aromatherapy are important in the over-all treatment strategy. While some prefer the conventional chemotherapy, others prefer holistic and natural ways of treatment and use of other modalities such naturapathic treatment including essential oils.

In my husband’s case, dealing with unresolved issues /emotions in life was the very first thing we attended to. Simulateneously, dealing yet another sensitive issue which was his spiritual life.

In the stages of cancer diagnosis – denial and anger are on top the list of emotions that both patient and care giver must deal with.

Aromatherapy had an essential role in releasing emotions. Scientifically speaking, molecules of essential oils can go through the Blood brain cells of the limbic system which our emotions are stored. To create homeostatis which a balance state of mind and body, our bodies must hava a balanced follow of bodily chemical and hormones in order for our body organs to function effectively,

Unattended emotional isues can be a deterrent to the healing process. The patient must not only be physically ready but also he/she must be emotionally and spiritually ready to start his healing process.

When a patient is emotionally strong and confident, he/she is in a better situation to tackle the demands of the cancer treatment whether conventional or holistic treament. Self care is the ultimate remedy for our well being.

Here are a few selected essential oils that pertain to the emotional level of healing . We used this oils before we can even deal with symptoms of the disease. We used these oils in the very beginning of his cancer treatments.

Orange/Citrust Essential Oil – Citrus oils promotes joy and be in a happy mood. Steering away patients to fell into depression was the main goal.

Lavender plants in a field, with defocussed background

Lavender – Once the patient resolves outstanding emotional issues in their lives, Lavender oil then helps to relax the body and mind. When the body is relaxed , the body is then prepared to go through the cycle of chemotherapy.

Frankincense- From the Gift of the Magi, Frankincense is a versatile and yet powerful essentail oil. It is anti- inflammatory but most important of all is that it reduces the feelings of anxiety and promotes emotional clearing and creates a meditative state of mind.

Ylang Yalng – This essential oils balances the hormones needed for the body and mind well being,

After we dealt with the emotional aspect of the healing process, then we incorporated the other essential oil blends that address the symptoms of pancreatic cancer and the side effects of chemotherapy.