Daily Essentials : Confidence and Concentration – Welcoming back students in the classrooms.

We are excited to welcome the students back in the classrooms this week. For students who are transitioning for the first time in College, we wish them good luck and may they find their adjustments manageable.

Essential oils can help our students ease into college life . Essential oils can be either applied in wrist temples, inhale it or diffuse it in their dorms or apartments.

Lavender oil is one of the most versatile essential oils. It relieves stress, nervous tension, anxiety, nervous exhaustion, mood swings, anger, sleeplessness. It also balances the energy centers, clears energy blocks, and brings in positive energy.

Peppermint oil promotes clarity in communication, inspiration and insights, relieves mental fatigue, promotes concentration.

Roesmary Oil oil is known to improve brain function, Rrosemary was thought to strengthen memory. In a research conducted at Boston University, by inhaling rosemary oil it helps prevent the breakdown of acetylcholine, a brain chemical important for thinking, concentration and  memory.

Sweet Orange Oil relieves nervous tension, mild depression, worry and mental fatigue. It also brings in positive energy and promotes joy.